Online yoga can be a great option for many of us - can’t make it to a studio as often as we like, don’t have a lot of time in our day, travel a lot, if we live in a remote place, prefer a particular style of practice… There's a million reasons to take an online class, and a million online classes you can take.

None like these though

Vistara Flow

online yoga studio

VISTARA - Sanskrit word meaning expansion

FLOW - complete absorption in what one does

Let's completely absorb ourselves in the expansion of all aspects of the Self

What makes these classes unique:

Studio style classes
On-demand classes
LIVE group classes
Led by teacher's teachers
1 take, 1 shot, 1 continuous rhythm
You choose your specific practice

These classes are designed to be listened to, and not watched. They are well rounded classes that should give any yogi just enough challenge to feel something shift.

We'll also explore the more subtle layers of yoga - chakras, koshas, kleshas, the eight limbs, philosophy - and how we can use the physical aspect of yoga as a tool for accessing awareness and change there as well.

There won't be any music during the classes for those that prefer it that way, and if you like to jam out while on the mat just play your favorite playlist in the background.

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