Practice five times a week?

Let me make it easy for you...

and put together a well rounded week that will hit all major parts of the body. Each day will have a different area that it will focus on, so you are sure to get everything worked.

This Fiv-Day-Week Practice is designed to give you a full and balanced yoga schedule without having to try to find one for yourself. Allow me to come up with that for you!

Hi, my name is Sean Gray

Yoga has been such an amazing tool for transformation within my life, and I'd like to share what I have learned along the road with those that are interested in making this type of change for themselves as well.

Ready for a full week of yoga?

Day 1: Core

This practice focuses on Bakasana - Crow Pose - a core intensive arm balance that is sure to heat things up.

Day 2: Twists

This practice focuses on Eka Pada Koundinyasana-A into Parsva Bakasana - both twisting arm balances.

Day 3: Hips & Shlouders

This practice focuses on Eka Pada Galavasana - Flying Pigeon - a hip opening arm balance.

Day 4: Back Bends

This practice focuses of Dhanurasana - Wheel pose - a deep back bend.

Day 5: Inversions

This practice focuses on Handstand with Scissor Legs - a fun inversion that can be practiced at home.

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